Occurs after the events of Greed’s Charity

You know, there is nothing like being out with a beautiful woman on your arm or lap in my case. There is no better feeling in the world than the tingle down my spine when envious eyes turn to me, and they see what I have. Of course, they inevitably covet it, who could blame them? Not that I would ever call this exquisite creature an “IT.” She is beauty incarnate, sapphire eyes, raven hair, and a body to die for. I knew the moment I entered the club I HAD to have her on my arm tonight. There were no if, and’s or buts about it. She would be mine, no one else could have her or this night might have turned out more like a scene from The Walking Dead. Oh god, here I am with a beautiful woman wriggling on my lap, and I can’t stop thinking about that dumbass show. I can’t believe Abbadon made me watch it last night; I still don’t get it. Why not just sail to one of the Caribbean islands, kill all the zombies on the island and live out your days? I mean, is it just me?

I look around the club, damn, I can already feel boredom poking me with a stick. I should be indulging in my rather sexy spoils, but tonight it feels empty. Why? It was too easy. She came like a moth to a flame no real fight in her. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, I mean it’s for the best. The last thing the city needs is me going off on one of my envious kleptomaniac episodes. Last time that happened it started off with me up buying some dudes house in the Hamptons. It was his fault, he showed me a picture of it, and well, I wanted it. But you should have seen this house, it was magnificent, but Lucifer wouldn’t let me keep it. Even if we got miles on the credit card.

Of course, that set me off, trigger jealous Ze running around claiming everything as his own. I might as well have been pee-marking everything. Lucifer should have known better; he knows I get tired of the new sparkly item, eventually.  He should have left me with the house in the Hamptons for a few weeks; I would have got bored. Then we wouldn’t have ended up with five motorcycles, three sports cars, four new computers and a jacuzzi tub. Not to mention the Lyre-Jet, yeah let’s not ever, EVER mention the jet, Lucifer was not happy. I mean seriously, he could have simply returned it. He didn’t have to blow the damned thing up in a fit of petulant rage.

Then again, it’s rare that my brother loses his cool about anything. In truth, I knew what I was doing when I bought said jet. Yes, I was doing it to piss him off so it might have been my fault. But still, he could have at least waited until I insured it. Well no talking to our illustrious leader when he gets in one of his moods, he is Pride after all. Sometimes wonder what was going through our father’s head when he made me 2nd in command of the Seven Sins. I’m hardly the poster boy for responsible adulating. In fact, if I can avoid it I would prefer not to adult.

Of course, now our little brother is out of the Pit. He has found himself one hell of a woman in Isabelle the Seer of Empathy. Yet now the jealousy is biting at my flesh like hellfire. That’s why I am here tonight and not at home playing happy fucking families. Our father is dying. The one thing that Greed possesses that is his alone; I now burn with jealous indignation because I want it. Oh! I would never direct Envy at Isabelle or him. They have been through enough, what with angel attacks and the almost dying. That’s why I’m avoiding being at home. I guess Lucifer can see it and that’s why he’s letting me go out when I want. Best let me fuck away the jealousy between a pair of pretty legs, then let it build up inside me like the black beast it is.

Even now I can feel it, gnawing away at my gut reminding me that my brother has something I don’t, something that I want. It’s enough to turn your blood and soul to poison. Hate that can drive a permanent wedge between you and those you hold dear. I suppose that’s why Lucifer “volunteered” me to go to Iowa to find this Seer. I don’t want to go to bum-fuck-nowhere Iowa; I really don’t! But I do know if I don’t go, that the green-eyed beast is going to turn my very thoughts to acid, and I can’t have that. So, if I need to go to Alaska or fuckin’ Siberia to level myself out, I’ll do it. Not only for them but for myself, I can’t… No, I won’t allow myself to fall into that endless void of envious hatred.

“Come on Ze; I’m bored. Let’s go somewhere.” The woman on my lap is starting to annoy me. Why did I pick her again? Oh, that’s right, she was…is beautiful. My jealousy is a fickle beast; I only wanted her because everyone else did. That makes me an evil person I know. To crave something only because someone else covets it, horrible way to live.

“Not right now love, I’m comfortable here.” Frankly, this place is grinding on my nerves. The music is terrible, the scent of old beer and human sweat is turning my stomach, and her girl’s perfume doesn’t lend itself to her natural scent at all. “Look, if you’re bored with me, you can go find someone else. I’m sure there are plenty of men here willing to amuse you.” Did that sound too harsh? Probably.

“Seriously? I let you be my company for the night, and this is how you treat me?” She let who be who’s company? Stupid woman has no clue as to why she was drawn to me. She wanted every girl’s envious glare on her tonight; I can taste it. “You got some other girl lined up or something? Is that it? I don’t mind sharing as long as I can be involved ya know.” For a second she peaked my interest again, but the sweet surge of envy that came from her was better than any drug. Damn me to the depth of Hades, but I needed a fix of that dark nectar right now.

“If I had another woman lined up, I wouldn’t be sharing with anyone. I don’t play well with others.” Yeah, I’m a bastard. But it is oooh sooo sweet. The blast of jealous detestation that comes my way might as well have been a woman’s tight body wrapped around my cock. I shouldn’t be indulging the darkness within, but I need so badly to take the edge off, and she is just too easily riled up.

“Oh really? I see, well then.” She stands, trying with all her might to act like I don’t matter. We both know she can saunter out there and find a willing guy, but I’m the one she wants. Not tonight, Sweetcheeks. Breathing in those wisps of dark envious promise her body is emitting I drink it down licking my lips. I want to groan so badly it is almost a pleasant torture to deny myself.

“See ya Sweetness,” I watch her turn on her heel with a huff and leave the VIP area. Quickly she is flocked by budding hopeful suitors for her attentions. She looks back at me, and I give her a wave, and off she stomps in righteous indignation. What’s wrong with me? I don’t usually treat women with such callous disregard. Clearly, the beast is growing within me; I guess I will take Lucifer up on his request that I go to Middle-Earth Iowa. It’s either that, or I lose myself to the temptation of Envy within me. That would be bad for everyone.


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