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Best Times to Post on Social Media

It may seem like you can just post at any time of day and get engagement on social media, but that is just not the case. Due to various factors such as jobs, time zones, and other responsibilities, there are peak times when people are on social media and interacting with posts. The image below walks you through the best times to post on each platform.

Influencer Marketing

What is an influencer? Simply put, it is someone in your brand or industry that has a large and loyal following on social media. It is the person who tells people to go buy a pink shoe and they do it, who tells others a book is good, and they believe it. On the large scale, you can say Stephen King, Anne Rice, and JK Rowling are some of the greatest influencers in the writing world. You would be right, but before you go trying to get into their inner circle, try and shoot a little more reasonably lower. You would be surprised how many indie authors out there have gathered a large following over the years. Then, you can use them for the strategy below.

The Social Media Series

Hi all! How has your summer been? I know mine has been very long and hot, and I don’t think this heat is going anywhere. And yet, it feels like fall is upon us. For many, fall is a time for change, and this could be true about your writing career. We can’t be stiff about change when it comes to being authors and publishers. Why? Because we are in a very unique industry that is always shifting, always moving. Sometime,s month to month what works as far as strategies changes. It is so important to stay on top.

I have decided to kick off August with a series of posts about social media marketing because, well, that’s where the people are. Young and old, you can find everyone on Twitter, Facebook, Mewe, or Instagram. And the best way to sell your book is to get in front of as many people as possible.

I hope this series will help you learn something and rethink your social media techniques.

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