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Encouragement and Strength

I have noticed a trend, as authors we’re a depressive lot. LOL

I am part of a wonderful group, seriously IABB is more like a support group for over worked, underappreciated writers than anything else. We’re a group of likeminded individuals, unless you count Chip who is kinda out there alllll on his own, but that’s why we love him. We all mingle together and we support one another, we help one another and we cheer each other up. We have THE most stupid conversations you have ever seen in your lives.

Spam, how we got on spam and spam being magical and having the power to turn my friend Judith into a squid, I don’t know. I promise, we’re not taking drugs!  We have this one thing, on Thursdays called Confessions, we’re kinda all addicted, seriously it didn’t happen for like 2 weeks and people were having withdrawals, it was scary. Anyway, so you write in to the admin with a confession, anything you like, about anything, anonymously. And we all comment on them, some good, some bad, some reeeeeeeeally ugly.

So I see a lot (recently) people suffering with some level of depression or feeling inadequate. This is for you, for me, for everyone, because I’m one of them. You know even if you are undergoing treatment like myself it’s always there. You know the funny thing? When you tell people “I’m depressed” the first thing they say.. “What do you have to be depressed about?” OMG!!! It is not about a thing, or even a particular situation. It just is. It sits there like a monster hiding in back of your mind, sometimes it is quiet and hides away for months and then just something triggers it and bam it sweeps over you like a cloud and you heart tightens and everything becomes pain, struggle. Everything is a fight, just getting through the day, you know you have to, so you do, but it is a battle.

When I see these posts from people I might know, I feel for them because I am them. It took me years before I finally allowed myself to admit that I couldn’t just talk it out with a therapist anymore. I had to get medicated, I didn’t want to, still don’t, but I need to. I have noticed a massive change, I no longer feel that impending, unending emptiness that was always there.

I’m not cured, it will never go away, I can just ignore it easier 

So I always try and encourage them to be strong. But I don’t use the same old cliché words, “stay strong, you can do it!” “You need to get some help” “It will get better”. It will get better, eventually, but only when you’re ready for it, and yes be strong, but only as strong as you feel you can be in this moment, small steps. Help? Only when YOU are ready, don’t let anyone force it on you, it will only make things worse. Above all, I’m here, message me.

No one ever has, I just hope they know, they can 

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