History – Part One


Kronus, the leader and youngest of the great Titans had three sons: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. An Oracle told the great god of the universe that one of his children would be his end. So to prevent his downfall, Kronus devoured his offspring without a thought as each were born. Only Zeus escaped this fate, his mother, Rhea, sneaking him out as a babe before Kronus noticed. She switched him with an innocent child who Kronus instead devoured. Zeus grew, training everyday, knowing he would have to face his father one day and free his brothers. Upon his return he faced down Kronus. Zeus allowed himself to be swallowed by his father so that the three brothers could work together to free themselves from their father’s tyranny. Working as a team, they defeated him, trapping Kronus in the deepest realms of their world, a place known as Tartarus, along with all the Titans.



When the fighting was over, Hades, the eldest son, was tricked by his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon. Asked to check on the cage that held their father, he was in the Underworld when Zeus claimed the throne of Olympus and Poseidon the Throne of the Sea. That left Hades with the Throne of the Underworld. In his rage, Hades vowed revenge against his siblings and embraced the darkness over which he now ruled.

Many years passed and Zeus grew bored. He ordered Hephaestus to create the first woman, Pandora. She was made from water and earth. In awe of the new creation, each of the gods gave unto her a gift. Athena clothed her, Aphrodite gave her beauty, Apollo gave her musical ability, and Hermes gave her speech. Even Hades became enamored by the new woman who had been introduced to the world.

Zeus however, grew jealous of the adoration she received, so he gifted her with curiosity. She was but a plaything created for Zeus’s amusement, and he used her in the cruelest fashion. Along with the gift of curiosity, he also gave her an earthen vessel, telling her never to open it, for it would bring destruction upon the world. Pandora took the jar with great reverence, but alas, she was powerless against the trick that had been played upon her.


It is said that the jar drove her insane with the need to see what was contained within. The desire to just ‘take a peek’ was too great for the curiosity that burned within her blood. A siren’s song called to her for seven days and seven nights, until she found herself standing before the jar, her fingers on the lid. Just a quick look, she thought. That was all it took. The seal broke and from it a howling wind raged. She knew in that moment what she had wrought upon the world of men.

Hades, unlike his family however, had never trusted his Zeus again. He had watched over young Pandora as best he could. When he felt the evils being released into the world, he forced open the gates of Hades and came to her aid. He found her trying to desperately close the jar as first a ball of blood-red rose from within, followed by a pulsing orb of glittering silver.

Tears poured from her blue eyes as she looked upon the god of the Underworld. She must have believed he was there for her soul, no doubt due to the evil she had released. Yet he just reached out and brushed away a tear. Lifting his hand, he snatched the red pulsing orb from the air and hissed as it almost burned through his flesh.

Another orb emerged, rushing from the jar, racing towards the mortal world. Hades captured the raging blue glow, trapping it within a gem of crystalline silver. Over and over he did this. Seven gems sat in his palm, yet more were to come. The jar began to shake, a crack appearing upon its surface. Without the jar, there would be no way to hold the evils remaining inside at bay.

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