World of The Seven Sins


This is a world where magic and myth mix with reality. Where the gods, who were once powerful and ruled over man, now live beside him and serve him as a lowly burger flipper.

This is a world where your dreams are more than dreams. Ever wondered why lucid dreaming is so important? Well, the Dreamweavers would be able to tell you why. They are one of many unique races in this world. These Weavers use the dreams of mortals to travel between worlds. They feed upon the distinctive energy that only humans produce when they dream. Some Weavers feed on the good, some on the bad, but all need mortal energy to live.

The world is held in a delicate balance by only a remaining few beings of power. One of these is Hades, Lord of the Underworld. He is one of only a few gods who stay in power. Due to modern religion and its insistence on the belief in a Hell, his power has grown as he has become their Devil. He is, of course, far from Satan. That name belongs to one of his sons, Satanus, Sin of Wrath. Upon his creation of the Seven Deadly Sins a millennia ago, Hades charged them with the task of balancing the Sin of our world..

They find the souls of corrupted mortals, sending them to him, whereupon he judges and decides their fate. Will they be reborn to try life again? Or will they wander the banks of the River Acheron for eternity?

There are four major areas of the Underworld:

  • Acheron: Is for common folk who have wronged
  • Tartarus: For the wicked or criminals
  • Isle of the Blessed: Where souls go for rebirth
  • Elysium Fields: For the demigods, heroes, and those worthy of heaven

There are also five rivers in the underworld:

  • Styx: The main river
  • Acheron: The river of woe
  • Lethe: The river of forgetfulness
  • Phlegethon: The river of fire
  • Cocytus: The river of lamentation



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