The First Amazing Post!

So I considered posting this to a fan fair and ticker-tape parade, with a band and fireworks. All I could afford was a party popper. So yay!


Welcome to the first post on the blog of me! The author of the up and coming Seven Deadly Sins Series. Here you will find info on my lovely self, the boys I hope you will come to love as much as I do. News on the series, little tidbits of info.

A day in the life of…. And soon to come, members only information!

I hope, if you have come this far because you are intrigued, interested, inspired… that’s a lot of I words… I aim to fascinate and captivate you. Draw you into a world of magic and myth, where the truth is not always as it seemed and those beings that have eternally been painted as evil in our world, are not necessarily as dark as they seem. I am going to take you to a place, where the lines between light and dark are far more blurred and the boarders between the worlds of dreams and reality are but a mirrored doorway into the mind.

This is the World of the Seven Sins. A world where Gods walk among us like every day people. Where those we believe protect us are not necessarily looking out for our best interests. A world where Sin is a sickness that spreads from soul to soul, if no one stops it the virus infects all it touches with darkness. The carrier becomes a Blight, a scourge upon the earth and from that one soul, great pain and suffering can occur.

The fall of Rome, The great fire of London, The World Wars, The Boston Riots, The French Revolution. All caused when one soul became so corrupted it infected others and spread like the plague. This is where out wayward heroes come in, though they would never call themselves heroes. Wait, Abbadon might, he would even wear the cape and the tight pants, yeah he totally would.

They are the demons who balance Sin, they hunt those mortals that have become corrupted, taking their souls into themselves so that they may be cleansed. Sending those souls on to their father Hades for judgment, it is he who decides if that soul deserves a second chance at life or if it will wander the shores of the river Styx for all eternity.

So ready to let a bit of Sin into your life?

Book One: Greed’s Charity will be out this year. Watch this space!

And keep coming back for more updates and insight into the boys. Take a look at the book page and read up on The Seven Sins, each one wrote a little bio for you all, as way of an introduction.

Greed’s Introduction

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See you soon!


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