I have finished with my side of the 1st round edit of Book One: Greed’s Charity! Yep it is done! After I went through and made the changes my wonderful editor Ellen suggested. I ran through it once more to get rid of any extra ANDs and anything else that stood out or didn’t make sense.

Now it goes back to Ellen for Round Two! Line Edit. This is where she find all my many, many, many grammar errors and wants to kill me by the end of Chapter Two!

I added quite a few new bits into the book, expanded on my boys a little, clarified some of my mythology and got rid of my terrible POV bouncing, Bad Becki!

Now while Ellen is busy throwing darts at a picture of my face for the next four weeks, I can continue work on Book Four: Lust’s Chastity!

Next on the to-do-list for Greed’s book is working on the cover while Ellen rips her hair out and curses the day I was born. I am hoping to have something special for all my covers, so that is a but like panic city for me right now!

Not to worry you wonderful people, i will keep you updated on all the news!

If you can’t wait that long, the first Day in the Life of …. will be up soon!

red sin

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