Pride – Lucifer

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I see they all finally finished. Will wonders never cease. I think even Hades felt a chill through the underworld.

I am Lucifer, Sin of Pride. I don’t think I need an introduction, but I suppose if I must. Leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, first of Hades created sons, and the one with the patience of a fucking saint. If you had to deal with a kindergarten of fully grown adult children, you would be like me, too. Wrangling cats would be a more pleasant endeavor than dealing with Abbadon after he messes with Tanus for the fifth time in one day.

I now know why Father lives in Alaska–so he doesn’t have to deal with this circus act. You know the saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”? Well this sure as shit is my fucking circus, and I am going to use a tranquilizer gun on the fucking monkeys.

This is why I require control. I tend to lose my calm when I allow my emotions to rule. I swear, one of these days I am going to put Abbadon and Wrath in a cage together and sell tickets. I would make a fortune. That’s not a bad idea, actually. The royalties alone would cover the cost of damages, and they heal quickly. No, no mustn’t use my brothers as TV fodder. Bad Pride. Then again…pay-per-view income is especially good, right?

See what I mean?

I am Pride in all its darkness and shining temptation. Hubris is generally viewed to be capable of leading to the other deadly sins, and it is generally viewed as fathering, directly or indirectly, all sin. Not sure I agree with that one. I do know that when I get agitated, I rile up the Sins within my siblings, so control is paramount for me. I will not be the cause of their downfall, not again. Moving on.

Pride is considered, on almost every list, to be the original and most serious of the Seven Deadly Sins. They say I am the source of the all the others. That what remains in that accursed box came from me, that I created them, they are of my spirit. I am not sure how I feel about that. Not nice knowing you may be the cause of the downfall of humanity one day. But considering I am supposed to be lacking humility, it shouldn’t matter to me, right?

Human mortality matters a great deal, though. The life of a soul matters to me. Knowing that I may be the cause of such suffering sits unwell within me. But I must keep these dark thoughts buried within. I cannot allow such feelings to emerge and affect my brothers. I will not. I am Pride, and I will not be the weak link in this chain!

That being said, I will admit that on occasion even Abbadon makes me smile. Crazy ass fucker.

If I must, I will take on the burden of this world to protect my family. To protect humanity from itself. And from me.

Remember we all hold fate in our hands. No one controls your destiny but you. NO ONE.


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