Lust – Asmodeus

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Evening all, or is it morning? Shit I can’t tell, not had my coffee yet. Late night for me…again. You know, I get no sympathy from my bastard brothers. Being the Sin of Lust is no fucking walk in the meadow, I can tell you. After century upon century of nothing but fulfilling other people’s every dark, lusty desire, I’m tired and bored and frankly sick of it. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s sex dude! How can you be tired of sex?” Trust me, it gets old. Real old.

You want to know the fucking cherry on top of this ice cream sundae of a life that consists of endlessly pleasing other people? They always, ALWAYS beg for it. I don’t think I can ever remember a woman, or a man–I’m not picky–that resisted me. I’m not sure they can. You see, Lust is a powerful thing. Very powerful. Not always sexual mind you. Sometimes it is a lust for power, or money, or revenge. But sexual pleasure is, by far, the most powerful of all the Sins and the most addictive of them.

Oh don’t get me wrong. Once I get started, I enjoy it as much as the next guy with a penis. But to be honest, if I could live without it, I would, unlike most of my brothers, Belor (Sin of Gluttony) excluded. I need to feed on the sexual energy from my victims to live. I need to keep Lust happy or he begins to act up. Yes, I speak of him as a separate identity because in a way he is.

With no true body to speak of (yes you heard right), I am formless, an entity bound to the will of many masters and mistresses. When I find someone so deeply immersed in their sin, that they would tear apart a family for a taste of that forbidden darkness, that is where I step in. When they first see me, I become their most secret desire. I am no longer an individual, or was I ever? I can’t remember. I could give you your darkest and most secret desires, or feed that deep hunger for endless pleasure until you give everything to me. I could tear open your soul and let you experience things you would never admit you craved even in the darkest nights alone in your room.

You know mortals actually have natural barriers, inhibitors that stop them from performing acts of depravity. For most humans this prevents them from overstepping into the realms of secret or deviant pleasure. But some have weaknesses or some just have no inhibitions. When I find them, I lay them bare and feed deeply. At least I used to.

Along with my lack of desire is also a lack of hunger to feed the Sin within me. I fear I may be in trouble. Lust stirs but not for pleasure, HE stirs, or is it in my head? Maybe I’m just losing my mind? The only one of my brothers who gets me is Tanus. Fucker is out of his mind, but odd as it might seem, we have a connection. Been hanging with that crazy sonofabitch as long as I can remember. We have shared women, shared fights. He keeps me level, keep me going. In return, I swore to put a bullet in him if he lost his mind. Bastard.

If he thinks I can kill the only one of my brothers I can remotely stand, he can go take a flying fuck. I will end my life before I let him lose himself to his Sin. Maybe that’s why I haven’t told him about Lust. Maybe that’s why I hide it all under a façade of fun, joking, happy demon.

Fuck this depressing.

Look, if I can pass on one thing to future demons who read this bullshit, it would be this: Don’t let your desires rule you. I did that in the very beginning. Maybe that’s why Lust has more power over me today. Who the hell knows?

Oh, one more thing! Don’t be little idiots–wrap your junk. You have any idea the shit humans carry around on them these days? My God, walking damn STD factories, the lot of them! I’m all for free love, just respect your lady friends and your little soldiers. There, being a responsible Lust demon.

Happy, Lucifer?! Seriously, that’s one demon who needs to get laid! I’m not entirely sure he would know what to do with a woman if one ever fell into his lap! Maybe I should get him a picture book, with pop-up instructions. Insert tab A into slot B, avoid hole X unless permission has been granted prior to shagging…hmmmmm I wonder if it would sell?


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