Sloth – Abbadon

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Well, hello ladies! And gents. I’m an equal opportunity lover. Yes, I know I should be named Lust since I ooze charm and sophistication. Yet I don’t think my brothers agree with me somehow. They don’t appreciate how much effort goes into keeping this amazing specimen that is me so perfect. Ingrates.

Speaking of the reprobates, Belor just barged past me like Cerberus was on his heels. Not the three-headed dog, the triplets. But that’s a whole other story involving waaaaay too many ales and a bunch of scholars who were debating the origins of Sin. That just happened to be right after the Cerberus brothers got into a fight with Envy, and he was pissed. So one thing led to another, and a very drunk Envy started a rumor and well–three-headeddog guarding the gates of Hades for the rest of eternity gets written into mythology. Yeah, I might have had sooooomething to do with it. Just a tad. They have never forgiven him for it. Thankfully they have no idea I was involved.

I mean I am the Sin of Sloth after all. If I can avoid getting into a fight, I would rather use my brains than my brawn. Besides, I have an affinity for shadows. The fact I can pretty much vanish in complete darkness kinda helps. The shadows come alive at my command, literally. Makes impressing lower level succubi really easy. There are lots of fun things you can do with shadows. But I digress.

This is supposed to be a thingy about me and my sin. So Sloth, laziness, refers to a peculiar jumble of notions, dating from antiquity and including mental, spiritual, pathological, and physical states. It can be defined as absence of interest or habitual disinclination to exertion. I’m not sure I agree with all of that. Rest assured, if someone makes the right impression, I am all for vigorous physical exertion, if you get my meaning.

I’m the second youngest. For a while there, I was the baby of the family. Greed got himself locked up by pissing off our Father, Hades. I had to make up for his absence by being twice as annoying. I actually missed him. Mammon was the only brother I could get along with, to be honest. But since he got back, he’s changed. A lot. He is harder, colder, more like the Sin Greed than the demon, Mammon. It sucks, man. I should have expected it. No one can survive five centuries locked in that hell and come out smelling of roses on the other side.

So I guess that leaves me, the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins with a sense of humor, even if the others don’t get it. Someone had to keep them from losing themselves to their inner darkness. I can see it, ya know? See their Sins eating away at the men they have become. Especially Wrath and Pride.

So I will pull pranks, drive them nuts, be the focus of their ire. Anything to keep them focused on me and not on their inner turmoil. What else can I do? I guess that means I am a lot less lazy than my Sin would have you believe, huh?

Unless my shows are on.

In which case, they are on their own!

Yeah, I keep telling myself that shit.

Wooo Game of Thrones, later!


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