Greed’s Charity

Book Cover: Greed's Charity
Part of the Seven Deadly Sins series:
  • Greed's Charity
ISBN: 978-1-946337-00-9
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 279
ISBN: 978-1-946337-01-6

Mammon, Sin of Greed. Sentenced to five centuries in an abyss of unending pain, for a kiss. Released into a world he detests. His brothers cannot understand, Mammon is gone. All that remains is Greed.

Isabelle, spent her life avoiding others. Protecting her mind from the bombarding emotions around her. Now, despite the pain, she steps toward her future. Until an emerald eyed demon gets between her and an EXIT door.

Greed cannot understand his instant craving for this woman he can’t give up. As the flames of passion ignite between them. Powerful forces move to rip them apart and destroy the world. They must fight this enemy of humanity. While struggling to save the sliver of light remaining inside a demons shattered soul.

Cover Artists:

“You’ve been up here a while, Mammon. Lucifer sent me to fetch you.” The sound of Ze’s voice was like razor blades as it intruded on his thoughts.

The carefree Mammon, a demon who had once saved a mortal woman, who had tasted heaven in a kiss, no longer existed. He now lived only for his avarice, nothing but Greed drove him, pounding like a heartbeat in his blood. He would have it all—everything he craved—and no one, not even a god, would prevent him taking what he wanted.

“Not Mammon. That demon is gone. All that remains is Greed.” His tone devoid of emotion. He did not turn to look at his brother, simply watched the metropolis below him.

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