Envy’s Kindness

Book Cover: Envy's Kindness

Sera Holt’s life has been a prison devoid of touch. After years of helping to catch the darkest of human society, her soul can no longer withstand the brutal nature within the hearts of man. Withdrawing from humanity, she lives alone until a demon barges his way into her protective cage forcing her back into the world.

Ze, Sin of Envy, didn’t want to be sent to find the reclusive Seer of Hindsight. He would rather be spending his time with a willing woman—or four. Then with the flash of a barrel and the glare from a pair of jade eyes he was thoroughly enthralled by a red-haired beauty. But she is being hunted, Michael and his Malakhim are closing in.

Together they must overcome not only Sera’s fear of physical contact, but now fate and the universe is playing a dirty game that threatens the future. Especially when old gods decide to meddle in their lives.


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