Book Two: Envy’s Kindness

So now that Book One: Greed’s Charity is back with Ellen for line edit, I thought I would take a look at book two, ya know just read through it again, its been a few months.

Head Desk

Yeah, I am a terrible head hopper. OMG, bad Becki!

Of course this means I have to be critical and try and separate out who’s brain I’m in for what scene. In other words, Ze (Envy) doesn’t get to always have his thoughts in the scene. Which might not be a bad thing lol

Of course like most writers I am SUPER critical of myself, so I will no doubt go through it again LOL annnd one more time before I give it to Ellen in 4 months time-ish.

I am aiming for one book every 6-8 months or so.

Book Three: Wrath’s Patience, is also finished on my end, I will need to do this same process with Wrath’s book, oh god I can see the hours of work ahead changing the POV’s because I just get in the zone and start writing, the story comes out as I write and I worry about the rest of it all later.

Great for my creativity, bad for writing an actual book people want to read! LOL

I should be writing Book Four: Lust’s Chastity, Asmodeus is going to have to wait while I work on Ze’s book for now. He is very annoyed he wants his book done, Lust can be demanding LOL not that i’m complaining!


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