Off the Rig!

So back home off the rig!

Was sooo no the home coming I was expecting.

I live in Houston. We had some bad rains about four weeks ago, you probably saw the news on the flooding. Well I thought I avoided any issues. Yeah not so much. I discovered that my closet got flooded with water seeping in from the backyard during the heavy rains. So yeah, I have no shoes left, anything that was on the floor was a wet moldy mess, so I lost quiet a lot of stuff, no not fun! LOL

Four weeks of the closet being closed and Houston heat gave me a wet moldy mess to come home to, a mess I am now trying to clear up. Of course I doubt my insurance will cover it because it was seepage from a backed up drain and that counts as a flood to Allstate. Pah! So got to replace the carpet and the four foot of plaster boarding all the way through to the living room and into the bedroom. Let at least it again not make it into the bedroom!

Anyway! I got the 1st round edit of Book One: Greed’s Charity back, and when I am not working on the closet I am working on the changes to Book One!!! Got lots of work to do of course, always is the first time a book comes back so I will be busy for the next few weeks going back and forth with my great editor Ellen! Next week I am visiting with my book cover artist and we are going to nail down the cover art for the series!

I’m sooo excited!

The website content is almost finished. A day in the life of… Greed will be up soon! I hope you will all enjoy it!red sin

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