Monthly Archives: June 2018

Get More Pinterest Followers!

Look, we all know that we want and need more followers. That is the best way to expose readers to our work. Pinterest can be a great tool because you can share character cards, teasers, book covers, and other visuals that can catch someone’s attention much quicker than a post full of words on Facebook. So, here are some tips on how you can gain more followers who can see (and possibly buy) your books!

The Right Sizes on Social Media

Book trailers, event banners, and author photos are some of the most important visual marketing tools us authors have at our fingertips. Especially if we are self-published and trying to navigate this world on our own, easy mistakes can be made due to lack of graphics knowledge. This infographic serves as an amazing cheat sheet for image and video sizes on social media!

Misused Words

Okay, be honest, you have screwed up one of these at least once while writing, haven’t you? Some of us might need to keep this next to us as a guide at all times. I will tell you the one I HATE seeing the most; peruse. There are authors that will use it on every page of a book and not one of the uses is correct!

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