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How Writing Changes Your Life

Obviously, becoming a full fledged writer whether you self publish or go through a publisher puts your life into a tailspin. It is so different from anything you thought or knew before you got into, no matter how much research you did. I want to know what of these are true to you. I know for sure sleep and reading for pleasure have both suffered. Time is not on our side, but perhaps that cup of coffee is ;).

Advantages of Self Publishing

Look, guys, I know it’s not easy. A lot of people wonder why i would put myself through it especially with a regular job on top of all the work that goes into it. However, there is an undeniable freedom in it all that becomes more clear with this infographic. However, I do realize there are a few unique smaller publishers out there this does not apply to. If you find those, hang on tight because they are few and far between.

Storytelling Mistakes

I’d like to know which one you are worst at and which you are best at!

I think my main characters are entirely clear while it is hard sometimes to know my audience. I can’t imagine the exact typical type of person who wants to read my books, and I can see how that would be a deterrent. It’s what makes marketing, especially using ads, so hard.

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