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Wrath’s Patience – Excerpt

‘Stay away.’

Her voice reached his ears stroking down his back like the flutter of fingers. He couldn’t, goddamn him, he couldn’t turn and leave now. She had done something to him when she threw out her magic and shocked his body. Not only that, but he felt a drive to protect, not just her, but that small young of hers.

He had been shocked when a second female had come out, almost identical to the one that smelt like vanilla, only this female had slightly darker hair, was built differently, and walked with a pure stubborn confidence. To his eyes those two women might be twins but they were vastly different from each other. His eyes were locked on only one female right now, her body silhouetted by the light within the cabin.

In the back of his brain, he could feel the buzzing of madness trying to regain its hold on him. The pain was a slow pulsing behind his eyes, but it was nothing he couldn’t deal with. He considered leaving but fear gripped him. If he left he might forget she was here. The madness would consume him again, and he might hurt her or her child. That would be unacceptable, he needed her to help him, he needed her voice to drive away the rage.

Lifting his large head he slowly padded from the bushes and began to scan the clearing, it was large with a gravel driveway heading off into the woods. Off to one side sat a rundown barn where he could scent all kinds of animals, some of them not even of this mortal world. Slowly he headed in that direction a soft light emitting from within the barn.

Pushing his nose through the door he sat down taking in the scene of large pens and a few stables, most holding some kind of animal. It didn’t take long for them to notice him. Those that were natural prey shrunk back, making sounds of warning, they felt a predator in their midst. He ignored them focusing his flame eyes on the large white stallion that watched him with silver eyes, shimmering large white wings folded up on his back, a nasty looking wound on his hind leg.

You do not belong, Dimoni. You are wrong. The stallion walked to the door and poked his head from his stall flicking his huge wings out and folding them against his back.

He felt the beast speaking with him. His brain tingled with the sensation. He followed that path of communication reaching for words. He could almost remember words.

I.Do. Not remember. He shook his head hard, the words forming slowly.

You are cursed, I can smell it, as do all creatures of the world. You should leave. The pegasus stomped his foot against the stable floor snorting loudly.

I cannot. Need to stay, need her. The stallion reared in his stable and snorted again sending all the animals in the barn into a frenzy.

She is Seer, speaker of beasts, you will stay away, Dimoni!

The wolf shook his head. I cannot. Their conversation was cut short as he heard a door at the other end of the barn opening and the voice of the twin sister filling the room. The wolf darted into an empty stall dropping low to the ground to hide in the shadows as the one who did not smell of vanilla entered.

“What’s wrong with everyone? If you hurt yourselves again I’m not fixing it.” The not vanilla-one looked around the barn quickly. She walked to the stable that held the pegasus stroking down his magnificent face slowly.

“Easy now, what’s going on?” The winged beast snorted and scraped at the floor again but let the little human touch him. The wolf watched his ears flicking forward as a soft glow encompassed her hand as she stroked down the beasts’ long nose. The stallion settled and her bright eyes began to scan the barn. She was a smart one, she knew something was up. He would have to watch out for this one, she might get in the way of his plan to be near the female he needed. No one would get in his way, he could not allow that to happen.

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