Monthly Archives: February 2017

My First Convention

So this weekend was one of firsts. It was the first time I went to a Supernatural Convention, and it was also the first time I was selling the paper copy of Greed’s Charity somewhere. It went really well!

I sold 30 books in total! Met some really wonderful people and I hope picked up a few new fans in the process.

It was also the first time I gave would my newest book-swag


So I made keychains, magnets and bookmarks. I even sold a few of those bookmarks just because people wanted them! So all in all it was a great weekend!

This make it a great time to let you know i will have Envy’s Kindness back from my editor at the end of this week and Linda Boulanger who did such a steller job on the first cover is already working on book two!

Things are going great, hey I’ve even been using my acrylic resin to play about and make some other stuff just to see what it would turn out like.


I was thinking Necklaces maybe?


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