Monthly Archives: December 2016

Been Amazing!

So this last week has been simply amazing! From the cover reveal to the actual book release I have met some amazing people. I have gained a serious fan in Amanda Medina, she needs like a full body pillow or Greed or something to keep her happy! Elaina and Abrianna have simply been the best, if not for them I don’t think I could have made it through some of this insanity without them.

J.L Baldwin, Sylvie and Megan! We’re like the terrible threesome running around always at the same events! And you know what makes me happy? Is giving away to those like Amber, it makes my day knowing that I can bring a smile to people like her! It is exhausting, don’t get me wrong, takeovers and social media but you know what? I am finding I love the time I am spending with all of you out there!

I got my first review, that seriously made my day! You know what is even more amazing, the bookmarks I made, people want me to make them for their own book releases! Things are great. Thank you Zee for all the work you have been doing sharing my stuff recently, you have been great!


I also wanted to thank everyone who had so far bought a copy of the book, you are the ones who make this dream come true!

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