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Diary: Tormented Writer

Day 32 – I have been out on this rig for 32 days… I am getting sick of looking at the sea. You know it is getting bad when you get excited because the sea has a slight color change from azure blue to grey blue because it’s raining. Yeah, I’ve been out here THAT long. On the bright side I get to go home in four days, four more days and I’m free for four weeks away from a floating death trap in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Suffice to say it’s hardly the best environment to write in if you are trying to get those imaginative juices flowing towards paranormal romance, unless of course I’m dreaming of the new Aquaman coming to kidnap me from the new level of hell I’ve stumbled upon.

Let us please, take a moment and take in Aquaman, hmmmm. Yes please, unlike Batman and Superman, Aquaman, is much improved 



Anyway enough about my cabin fever and dreaming about how the hell to get off this noisy rust bucket, preferably with Aquaman… drools

I’ve been busy (when not actually doing my job, not out here for fun you know LOL) going through book two, which I’ve now completed. How on earth I managed to ADD 4,000 words to it when I was trying to clean it up I will never know! I had intended to go right on to Book Three and start reading through it like I did Book Two, but considering I hadn’t really added anything to Book Four in a while I figured I better get back to the writing.

So I managed to add 2,000 words to the beginning of the book, but now I am wondering if perhaps I am starting the book in the wrong way. It follows on directly from the end of Book Three, Wrath and Layla’s book. So if you didn’t read it you won’t really know what is going on, even though I do give some details about what happened in the last book as you have to in series writing. But that is the idea of a series I suppose, you’re supposed to read it in order. I just worry that if someone picks it up not knowing it’s book four and is thrown into the middle like that they will be lost as a goose in a hailstorm! (as my boss likes to say, good ol’ Texan that he is)

Oh well, can’t worry about it right now, I need to write it first then I can worry about it later. Lust/Deus is proving to be harder to write then Wrath/Tanus was. I expected him to be much easier considering how much he bugged me to have his time in the spotlight while I was writing book three. Well that was before… oops, almost gave some of the book away  LOL

I ‘m sure once I get going it will all begin to flow as it did with his brothers. Poor Deus has a fight ahead of him, lets put it that way. It will be worth it in the end, after all, the most important things are worth fighting for and hardest to keep, and sometimes you can’t lock them away, sometimes you have to let go and just feel instead of thinking too much. 

red sin


Book Two: Envy’s Kindness

So now that Book One: Greed’s Charity is back with Ellen for line edit, I thought I would take a look at book two, ya know just read through it again, its been a few months.

Head Desk

Yeah, I am a terrible head hopper. OMG, bad Becki!

Of course this means I have to be critical and try and separate out who’s brain I’m in for what scene. In other words, Ze (Envy) doesn’t get to always have his thoughts in the scene. Which might not be a bad thing lol

Of course like most writers I am SUPER critical of myself, so I will no doubt go through it again LOL annnd one more time before I give it to Ellen in 4 months time-ish.

I am aiming for one book every 6-8 months or so.

Book Three: Wrath’s Patience, is also finished on my end, I will need to do this same process with Wrath’s book, oh god I can see the hours of work ahead changing the POV’s because I just get in the zone and start writing, the story comes out as I write and I worry about the rest of it all later.

Great for my creativity, bad for writing an actual book people want to read! LOL

I should be writing Book Four: Lust’s Chastity, Asmodeus is going to have to wait while I work on Ze’s book for now. He is very annoyed he wants his book done, Lust can be demanding LOL not that i’m complaining!


red sin





I have finished with my side of the 1st round edit of Book One: Greed’s Charity! Yep it is done! After I went through and made the changes my wonderful editor Ellen suggested. I ran through it once more to get rid of any extra ANDs and anything else that stood out or didn’t make sense.

Now it goes back to Ellen for Round Two! Line Edit. This is where she find all my many, many, many grammar errors and wants to kill me by the end of Chapter Two!

I added quite a few new bits into the book, expanded on my boys a little, clarified some of my mythology and got rid of my terrible POV bouncing, Bad Becki!

Now while Ellen is busy throwing darts at a picture of my face for the next four weeks, I can continue work on Book Four: Lust’s Chastity!

Next on the to-do-list for Greed’s book is working on the cover while Ellen rips her hair out and curses the day I was born. I am hoping to have something special for all my covers, so that is a but like panic city for me right now!

Not to worry you wonderful people, i will keep you updated on all the news!

If you can’t wait that long, the first Day in the Life of …. will be up soon!

red sin

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