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Budding writer of Supernatural Romance, dedicated day dreamer and traveler of many wondrous worlds, all of which fit on a shelf!

Welcome to my author page!

Phew hard to believe I actually have an author page! When I started writing Greed’s Charity it was a drive in my head, a story that i just needed to get out on to paper. Greed was so alive that he HAD to be written. From him came the Seven Deadly Sins.

So here we are three months in and Greed’s Charity is doing great!

I went to my first event at Supernatural Convention and sold 30 paperback copies of my book. Book two is soon to be back from my editor with the cover well on the way to being completed and Book three is ready to go the my editor once she is done with Book two. I am working on Book four and five as we speak, so things are progressing in the world of the Seven Deadly Sins!

I have Fans, i never thought I would say those words, I have real fans! It is all down to everyone of you, those of you who have taken a chance on an unknown writer and bought my book, reviewed it and loved it.

I know you loved my Sins as much as I do.

Coming soon will be some excerpts from Book two: Envy’s Kindness and A Day in the life…. Envy!

Watch this space!






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